Kristi Choi
August 7, 2011
On August 6th 2011, Blue Mountain Park in Coquitlam, BC, was bustling with the sounds and smells of Korea for the 10th annual Korean Heritage Day Festival. This one day event showcased traditional Korean heritage through a variety of cultural performances, food, and a gathering of the Korean- Canadian society.

By Danielle Knight
I recently had the pleasure of connecting with a group of women who are working to lift up others in their community. The not-for-profit organization is called Dress for Success Vancouver, and my visit to their headquarters, left me inspired, empowered, and totally motivated to get involved.

In 2005, Milieuzorg Op School (MOS, Environmental Care at School) of the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy in Belgium organised the first Warm Sweater Day in response to the Kyoto Protocol.

Happy Diwali Everyone! This Diwali feels like a special one to me… mainly because I didn’t celebrate it. The first year that I didn’t think about it, plan for it, dress up for it, shop for it and pray at it was the one year that I learned the most about it. I remember going to school on this special day glowing inside knowing how important it was to me and my family and never having a place to share that feeling. Over the years I grew resentful and stopped thinking about it, telling people about it and sharing my gifts with others on this day. This year was different though.

Ok, I have a confession. After writing for a number of blogs over the years, I always find the first post to be the most intimidating to write. This post should set the tone of this blog and provide you, the reader, with a good grasp of the topics I'm interested in and will be covering in the time to come. Rather than overthinking this one, I've opted for a clear and specific introduction to myself, what I'm interested in, and how these topics play into the world around us.


Who am I?


When my friend Ian asked me, " What do you want for Christmas? "
"I want a Christmas tree!" I blurted out without thinking. I came to Vancouver in August this year, and was excited to be celebrating Christmas for the first time. On the top of my wish list: decorating my own tree!

Becoming a B Corp isn’t just about achieving a certification; it’s also about joining a community! One of the biggest benefits of getting certified is the opportunity to meet other business leaders who share your triple-bottom-line values. This makes the B Corp community the perfect starting place to form fruitful relationships between responsible companies—but how can B Corps tap into this partnership potential?

My name is Zee Kesler and I am building a tiny house! And you can too!
I am in the beginning stages of planning a tiny house building workshop this summer as a 2 part community art project/workshop. The house will be made from entirely salvaged materials with the help of a team(that's you)!  
Upon competition, the house will be used as a "Maker Residency" ie: a sort of all encompassing creative community space offering free workshops to the public in all things DIY.

More than six years ago, B Lab created its first set of performance standards with the guidance and thought-leadership of a third-party standards advisory council. Every two years since then, B Lab’s standards team revises the B Impact Assessment (BIA), filtering through the significant feedback that we’ve received from the users of our performance standards – now, more than 8,000 companies and nearly 100 investors -- with additional contributions coming from experts in impact measurement with deep sectoral experience.

Have you ever thought about sustainability from a historical perspective? How one nation or another may have made their clothing and household items? What people ate? What the objects they used looked like or even how their food would have tasted?