Corporate Member Profile

Corporate Member Profile: 
Indonesian NGO for wildlife, habitat conservation and community development sustainability programs - Bali islands and Kalimantan,Borneo
Industry Leadership: 
Regional & internationally recognised as a leader in forest conservation with independent projects and in collaboration with National Parks authorities.
Community Involvement: 
Develop cooperative programs with local communities to enhance future livelihoods in vision with FNPF's reforestation projects and habitat conservation programs on margins of nationals and wildlife reserves - to enhance survival of endangered species and their ecosystems.
Workplace Environment: 
FNPF Head office is the cultural town of Ubud, Bali with sub-offices on Nusa Penida island - a marine-protected area - and Central Kalimantan, Borneo with field branches in several national parks communities.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

-Protecting Indonesia's endangered wildlife
-Restore forests & biodiversity
-Help local communities
-Led by scientific research
-Donor-funded,Volunteer-run, all welcome

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