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Blue Legacy is an initiative started in 2008 by Alexandra Cousteau to engage individuals around the world through telling the story of our water planet. Blue Legacy works to help shape society’s dialogue to include water as one of the defining issues of our century, and to inspire people to take action on critical water issues in meaningful ways. People throughout the world are increasingly aware that our environment is changing: natural resources are disappearing, pollution is widespread, the climate is becoming more volatile, diseases spread more rapidly, and ways of life are vanishing. Water is at the heart of these issues and is the primary vehicle through which climate change will be felt.
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Blue Legacy is a catalyst for action and change—promoting ideas for innovative solutions that individuals and communities around the globe can implement to address the issues facing our water planet. We believe that for too long, activists have asked people to protect environmental treasures that most individuals have never experienced. Our projects leverage film, educational tools and traditional media along with emerging technologies and social networks to help “mainstream” audiences around the world experience the people, places and systems affected by critical water issues. We believe that every citizen of the world can be an environmentalist and are committed to shaping daily conversation to include critical water issues.
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