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EcoCentury is the go-to hub for industrial LED and Solar applications. Whether facilities require street, parking, warehousing, or office and retail lighting, we have the dependable, warrantied, North American Standard approved quality products to fulfill any requirement. LED technology is the future in ecofriendly lighting, showing proven and dramatic reductions in energy usage as well as product waste. Maintenance costs are diminished due to their longevity. For those wishing to economize further, we also offer Solar and Wind Turbine additions to our street lighting, as well as Solar kits to take buildings off-grid. All green technologies sold by EcoCentury show a payoff in under five years which makes LED an appealing purchase.
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EcoCentury continues to develop new intellectual property in tandem with leading academic institutions, proffering innovative technologies to the marketplace.
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EcoCentury conducts business in a holistic approach; we endeavor to support our consumer base offering long term solutions to our clients.
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