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Corporate Member Profile: 
World Water and Wastewater Solutions LTD (WWWS) is a recognized leader in capacity building in the water and wastewater industry in both first world and developing countries. Performance History WWWS has provided Operational Assessments and trained thousands of managers/operators in utilities in Canada and the Caribbean. Developed applications for successful Rate and Tariff increases for Water Authorities Developed comprehensive Communications Plans creating acceptance of rates and policies Prepared blueprints and run hands on centres for competency based, operator training Works with international funding agencies on local capacity building initiatives.
Industry Leadership: 
Management/leadership development: An industry first, adopted in 14 countries worldwide, the Effective Utility Management (EUM) Certificate Programme is custom designed for managers in the water and wastewater industry. The leadership programme incorporates scientific assessments that enable organizations to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their management team. The EUM programme is based on AWWA and WEF’s “Effective Utility Management Primer”, and culminates in a Certificate in Effective Utility Management.
Community Involvement: 
Technologies/Capabilities Operator Training: WWWS offers 85, competency based operator courses accredited by the Environmental Operator’s Training Programme, an Associated Boards of Certification affiliate. We provide consultation on certification programmes and setting up a training plan with a focused ROI. Operational Assessments: WWWS provides operational assessments that pinpoint areas where improvements can bring about increased efficiency and effectiveness, energy savings, adherence to best practices, and a greater return on investment for utilities.
Workplace Environment: 
Developed by senior industry utility managers in conjunction with content experts. Workshop participants leave with concrete tools and skills that can be applied immediately, focusing on “hands-on” interactive opportunities, delivered by industry specialists. Operational and Energy Assessments deliver proven efficiencies and savings.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

Types of Partners Sought Local associations, organizations and utilities to deliver local capacity building initiatives. Utilities and government authorities with responsibility for the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation to collaborate on the provision of management and operator training or operations assessments to increase efficiencies/implement best practices. Training organizations that wish to expand the scope of their offering. Any type of arrangement that meets the needs of the industry, enhances public safety and is mutually beneficial, depending on the needs and capabilities of our partners/clients.

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