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Corporate Member Profile: 
The Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network (BYSN) is a student-driven organization that unites youth from all across Burnaby to take action towards a more sustainable future for our district. We are a thriving community of passionate change makers who engage in open discussion, spearhead initiatives, and share our stories.
Industry Leadership: 
We are the largest youth environmental group in the Burnaby school district, with over 180 connected on Facebook and 20-30 active members. We communicate with youth networks in neighbouring districts in the Metro Vancouver region and plan to help incite the creation of more youth networks across Canada.
Community Involvement: 
The nature of our organization means deep roots in community involvement. We have campaigned for the installation of water refill stations at every high school in Burnaby and been successful in diverting over a million plastic water bottles from the landfill. We have taken field trips to community gardens and signed petitions to keep them going. Through Generation Green, our elementary outreach program, we have hosted community clean-ups and held lessons on the life cycle of a butterfly and the different categories waste can be sorted into. At our annual district-wide conference, Do It Green 2013, we reached out to almost 500 students, staff, and community members. We continue to try our best to engage Burnaby youth.
Workplace Environment: 
We meet in Burnaby high schools.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1) We are youth driven; all initiatives are spearheaded by high school students
2) We are all-inclusive; community members are welcome!
3) We meet once a month on the first Wednesday of every month, at a Burnaby high school
4) We believe that the world is headed toward a more sustainable future and can see this trend in our community
5) Contact us at

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