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Corporate Member Profile: 
“We, as a gardening and environmental society, try to create and maintain harmony between our land and the people. Let us design and grow environmentally sound gardens. We strive to create and protect beautiful landscapes while also protecting the wildlife that surrounds us. We are creating a healthier, stronger and vibrant neighbourhood ties through gardening.”
Industry Leadership: 
Our Leadership Focus Build community strength through nature by offering plant and nature related events in our neighbourhoods. Improve our community parks and streets by getting involved in park clean ups. Bring programs and wildlife gardens to schools in our community to introduce youth to sound gardening and environmental practices. Partner with youth, seniors, and local community groups to develop a strong South Etobicoke web of programs, workshops, and information.
Community Involvement: 
We offer garden based workshops, plan annual projects, and host open events to the public. We plan community events to bring people and resources together and grow in a sustainable and synergistic way.
Workplace Environment: 
Annual Plant Exchanges Montly plant and seed exchanges Montly environemntally based gardening presentations and host public speakers Community garden events Workplace Environment: We are a non-profit group that runs entirely on volunteers. Our virtual home is: Our physical home is all of the green and urban playgrounds that Toronto has to offer.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

1. We are green and growing in every way.

2. We teach about gardens, sprouts, earth, vermiculture,
communities, multi-use land use, urban renewal, sustainability,
resource pooling, and so much more.

3. We recycle all plant materials and donated goods, to
homes/schools/centres that need them.

4. We support everyone in our community by offering open forums
for sharing, free talks, and events open to all levels of skill
and knowledge

5. We believe in teaching our children well: by growing school
gardens, hosting teaching nature walks, and offering free
materials for kids to learn about nature at events.

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