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Corporate Member Profile: 
Edible Bug Farm is an ever-growing, research-driven resource dedicated to developing ways of farming high quality, sustainable protein sources. They raise food-grade insects for human consumption, both for the developing world and the West.
Industry Leadership: 
With their focus on efficiency and low waste, Edible Bug Farm is becoming a leading industry expert and pioneer in finding a solution to the looming global food security crisis facing the world today.
Community Involvement: 
Edible Bug Farm makes it their mission to educate others on the health and ecological benefits that this readily available protein source has to offer the world’s rapidly growing population.
Workplace Environment: 
Edible Bug Farm is small team of sustainability seekers, working out of both Bristol and Bedford in the UK.
5 Important things you should know about us!: 
  • We are fast becoming the UK's leading authority on automation and efficiency in the mealworm farming industry.
  • Efficiency also means maximising the nutrition profile quality of our primary protein sources.
  • We represent a small handful of UK entomophagy companies kicking off the new protein revolution!
  • Our core team have backgrounds in Business, Ecology, Biochemistry and Systems Biology.
  • We have close ties with our global entomophagy and entomology networks in several countries including the UK, US, Thailand and South Korea.

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