Blog Post: The Blue Roof Believes in Green

The Blue Roof Believes in Green We are all trying to be “greener” at home but what about when you travel? Staying in a Hotel like the Accent Inn in Victoria BC can be a real treat but Hotels are often culprits of excessive waste production. Serving thousands of guests a year, it’s hard to provide the amenities that people want and expect without sacrificing the environment. However, hotels can take action to make operations more sustainable, resulting in large-scale waste reduction. “It’s a family belief that we just don’t waste”, Mandy Farmer, President & CEO of Accent Inns Green hotel actions include: ☻ Offer recycle bins throughout the hotel, including in guests’ room ☻ Provide our guests with reusable items such as ceramic cups for coffee ☻ Educate our guests so that we don’t wash towels after every use via good signage that express our water saving effort. ☻ Install low flow showerheads, toilets and faucet aerators ☻ Use non-toxic cleaners that are natural and biodegradable ☻ Use soap dispensers instead of individually packaged soap (saves on packaging waste) ☻ Install energy efficient LED lighting throughout the hotel (LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy and save on costs) ☻ Use bike racks and employee engagement to encourage ridership by both staff and customers. Biking is one of the best ways to tour and experience a new town ☻ Educate our staff about sustainability! So the Accent Inns with our famous blue roofs sincerely believes in being GREEN.