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Corporate Member Profile: 
The NOW! Organization started as a non-profit, youth-run organization but has transformed into a theatre company! Our mission is to create and produce theatre and multi disciplinary performances that are evocative, explorative, and environmentally conscious/sustainable in either theme or practice. We aim for perfection; strong performances and production quality, whether it be original work or published, local shows or touring. NOW! continues to raise awareness and take action in sustainability issues. Through experimentation, education, collaboration and community, we will create change. Some goals: To move and inspire people of all ages To develop national networks To support creative development
Industry Leadership: 
We have been running the Act NOW! Sustainability Performance Art Competition has been running for 4 years We've held workshops on Teamwork and Creation for UBC Science Students in the 'Get Into Volunteering' Program
Community Involvement: 
We used to work with local high school students We've curated live performances for Khatsilano Street Festival and the NewWest Doc Fest: Sustainability Documentary Festival
Workplace Environment: 
Anywhere and everywhere! We have no office. We meet at local businesses or in each other's homes, or in internet land via skype. Laid back, friendly, working hard and having fun!
5 Important things you should know about us!: 

(In no particular order)
1 - We believe that the environment, community and art are all very important, all very interconnected 
2 - We are aiming to be the change we wish to seek. (Eco friendly marketing, in our personal lives, using our creativity, more face to face etc)
3 - We are passionate, motivated, have lots of ideas, get a lot done and are looking for more to join us! We need our team to grow as our ideas do;
4 - We want to exist nation wide.
5 - We are completely volunteer right now

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