How improve your chances of getting a small business loan

In collaboration with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Obtaining a business loan is often a rite of passage for a start-up company. The task is even more difficult at this stage because bankers tend to be more demanding of new borrowers.

GLOBE 2014 – care, compassion, and resiliency in business

By Renee Mynott

For 24 years the Globe Foundation has been assembling global business leaders, senior business executives and government officials for its biannual Globe conference - under the banner of “the business of the environment”.

By Ipsita Banerjee

I recently returned from a trip to New York City. It had been years since I had walked the streets of Manhattan… and over a decade since I last passed Wall Street. As a break from a relaxing Sunday morning in Long Island, my brother-in-law took me to his job site at Ground Zero. I was surprised—it looked nothing like the massive Trade Towers that I had seen in August 2001, two weeks before The Towers went down. It felt different too.

CCS Innovation Hub for Social Ventures Launched at ISIS

Looking for some serious mentorship for your Social Venture?

Then perhaps you should consider the CCS Innovation Hub for Social Ventures - an incubator program recently launched by ISIS (ISIS Research Centre - part of the Sauder School of Business, at the University of British Columbia) and their community partner Coast Capital Savings (one of the largest credit unions in Canada, with almost $12 billion in assets and close to half a million members).

A turning point in protecting forests

Straw-based copy paper with 80 per cent less forest fibre than traditional paper is now widely available to Canadian consumers, small businesses and home offices at Staples Canada.

The relationship between sustainability and finance
 a natural affinity
By Jason Robinson

Sustainability will be the most important trend academically, politically, socially, and financially over the next 100 years.  Looking forward the opportunity is to “dramatically increase” our standard of living – while living in harmony with the planet.  An easy task as we are both the architects and stewards of this robust and magical life on “spaceship earth” with all the amenities it provides for us.

I had an interesting conversation on innovation with John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters for Ford. Viera was in town speaking at the GLOBE 2012 Conference.

The company has long embraced sustainability in its operations, consistently innovating greater and greater efficiencies – the sort of initiatives Viera describes as ‘blocking and tackling’.