For the 8th year in a row, Recycled Runway in Boulder, Colorado, featured young designers who created fashion designs out of found and recycled materials to stunning effect. This is haute couture at its most sustainable. 

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Even though this story happened some time ago, I believe it still inspires and shows how the whole community can work together to make a difference. The story really represents the philosophy behind Strathcona Business Improvement Association. It captures the creation of Zero Waste Challenge and Resource Park project and how the association uses commercial waste as a community resource. I hope you will enjoy it, and hopefully - get inspired.


(Fresno, Calif.) – For the fourth year, the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF), a nonprofit founded by Sam Geil in 2008, will honor organizations and individuals across the world that are recognized pioneers, innovators and utilize best practices in the green industry.

My name is Zee Kesler and I am building a tiny house! And you can too!
I am in the beginning stages of planning a tiny house building workshop this summer as a 2 part community art project/workshop. The house will be made from entirely salvaged materials with the help of a team(that's you)!  
Upon competition, the house will be used as a "Maker Residency" ie: a sort of all encompassing creative community space offering free workshops to the public in all things DIY.

Eco Property: “Doing Well by Building Green” provides an insider’s look into home energy renovations with a mission to get our clients a return on their investment.

We would like to issue an open challenge to North America, which the masses will accept. We have an exciting show where we take a house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.

I learn when I don't think about learning. I am not the person to be confined in within a box. It's better if it is a library of knowledge that I have. But it is best if I immerse myself in the experience of learning. 

But how am I going to be in the process of achieving that goal?

Gecko Makes It Easy How to reduce your impact, strengthen your community, and enhance your lifestyle. The range of new products available that have a deduced environmental impact continually impresses me. Ever the optimist, I take this as a sign that a real shift is happening in the way humans understand the connections between modern society and the natural systems we intersect. Yet, I do get a bit frustrated that sustainable products are often hard to find in my everyday shopping.

Last summer, OgilvyEarth released Mainstream Green,  a significant study on why mainstream consumers weren’t buying into the green movement.

Mainstream Green noted that the majority of consumers were ‘light green’ and willing to act sustainably, but the incentives simply weren’t motivating.