The argument for a transformation in food and drink logistics is becoming more and more compelling.

Start your engines
doing good for communities and the planet
By Jason Robinson
Vancouver is on the move this month with the inaugural Variety Rally to raise funds for kids with special needs. 

For those who missed the Vancouver Auto Show this year, the provincial government kicked off the event with some excitement by extending the Clean Energy Vehicle for BC Program and a number of other incentives for clean energy vehicles in BC.

Have a Business Idea? Make it a Reality with the Novex Challenge!

Novex Couriers is one of the largest same-day couriers in Vancouver and has laid out a strategic plan to become a truly sustainable organization, creating a triple bottom line that includes a social, economic and environmental focus.

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DK Team

In and Out In 48 Hours Flat
Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA- Disposal King Ltd has launched their 48 Hour Express Trailer Disposal Service. Launched April 2012 Disposal King Ltd introduces its newest member to the disposal team.