Round Up 2017 - My introduction to Sustainability in Mining

The 2017 AMEBC Mining & Minerals Roundup conference was quite fascinating, as it was my first time to the event, and my first opportunity to connecting in a meaningful way with Sustainability in the Mining Industry.

There is a stark difference in how developing countries manage their waste as compared to the developed countries. The developing countries face more challenges and several limitations shrink the possibilities of how they can manage their waste in an efficient manner. Factors that influence waste management and various techniques that can be employed to ensure that the waste in treated in the right manner.

I have been living in Crans-Montana, Switzerland for the past three and a half years while attending university.  While eating my fair share of raclette (cheese covered potatoes), fondue (melted cheese), and frankly more cheese, I have pondered how the Swiss manage to be so sustainable.  While in many ways Switzerland is known for its sustainability and its environmental regulations such as trash bag tax (Swiss Info); that is not so apparent in Valais. 

By Karmen Clark and Jason Robinson

BEET-ing hunger in South Etobicoke – The GARDENS Pod Project 2016

Growing up in Sri Lanka, an island which is known as the “pearl of the Indian ocean, with natural beauty ‘ceaseless to the human eye’, has made me acutely aware of the environmental impact of excessive human consumption, particularly as it relates to clothing. Tragically, many of these areas have often also become home to lower socio economic groups of


5 Things I Learned from the 2016 MIT Sustainability Summit

By Sarah Nolet

Vancouver's Clean Up the Oceans Concert spotlights solutions to micro plastic pollution
Upcycle the Gyres Society to host its second annual fundraising event in Xwáýxway Stanley Park.

As the world's biggest companies take significant measures to reduce carbon emissions, individual action on climate change and pollution has never been easier. Here are five sustainable living apps that are actually worth downloading.

Interview with Elaine Cohen – sustainability strategy and reporting expert, founder and CEO of Beyond Business

By Dana Fatol

August 16, 2015