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Sustainability Television®  Recognized in First ‘Best for the World’ List
of Businesses With Less Than 10 Employees Creating Most Overall 
Positive Social and Environmental Impact


Top 10% Among Certified B Corps With Under 10 Employees

As the New Year approaches, we’re coming together to celebrate the collective impact created by the New York Social Good community in 2013! On December 4th, join us at Wix Lounge to connect with the individuals and organizations driving social innovation and creating change in NYC. At the party, raise a glass, enjoy a performace by Dance for Change, try out some moves of your own, and if you’re lucky, win some sweet holiday prizes from social good organizations! Looking forward to what’s to come, we’ll also be announcing some exciting new Be Social Change initiatives for 2014!

Becoming a B Corp isn’t just about achieving a certification; it’s also about joining a community! One of the biggest benefits of getting certified is the opportunity to meet other business leaders who share your triple-bottom-line values. This makes the B Corp community the perfect starting place to form fruitful relationships between responsible companies—but how can B Corps tap into this partnership potential?

It's time to gather the Vancouver B Corp community to share updates, stories and requests of one another I hope you can join us.

Institute B is graciously co-hosting our social, on the heels of the Measure What Matters workshop, which offers companies a closer look at the B Impact Assessment. Please feel free to share this invite with your network, clients, vendors



6:00 arrivals and welcome

Are you interested to learn more about B Certification and a community of companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems? Are you familiar with the performance standards and best practices B Lab makes available for free to companies to measure their impacts?
B Lab is coming to Vancouver, co-hosted by Institute B, to offer Measure What Matters Workshop for businesses interested in learning more about measuring impact and our certification process.
This hour long workshop will:

More than six years ago, B Lab created its first set of performance standards with the guidance and thought-leadership of a third-party standards advisory council. Every two years since then, B Lab’s standards team revises the B Impact Assessment (BIA), filtering through the significant feedback that we’ve received from the users of our performance standards – now, more than 8,000 companies and nearly 100 investors -- with additional contributions coming from experts in impact measurement with deep sectoral experience.

Do you ever find yourself, as I do, feeling cynical about marketing claims made by businesses about their "green" products, services, or operations?  Identifying “green washing”, as it’s termed, can be a significant challenge for the public when making decisions about which businesses to support.  It can often take a great deal of time and research to determine which businesses are making genuine claims.  Such businesses, once vetted, get my full support because I am confident that they operate with integrity.
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