a triple bottom line experience
Being that I run a media company focused on “Sustainability” when travelling I usually try to stay in hotels, bed and breakfasts, and friends places looking to: a) reduce my costs  b) have fun  c) get a good nights sleep, and d) oh yeah, make sure its eco.
While in Victoria last week I did what I usually do…  I looked for an inexpensive, local hotel that had made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, and was nice and close to where I needed to be. 
I searched out a number of hotels and decided quite late (well after midnight) that the Accent Inn was my best bet. I hit the mark perfectly because in addition to a great sleep I also found a little gem of a story on a triple bottom line business. 
In doing my research I found that like many other hotels Accent Inns has done pretty much everything a hotel can do to reduce their environmental impact.  They’ve switched to LED lighting, started a towel saver program and recycle most everything they can.
However what I found to be truly unique about Accent Inns was the commitment this little hotel chain has made to supporting local communities.
“Strong, healthy families lead to strong healthy communities”
I’m continually astounded that when thinking about Sustainability how people often jump into only an environmental or economic conversation without addressing the final component involved in triple bottom line thinking; the Social or “Community” component.  Triple bottom line thinking is really very much like the three-legged stool; where the Social, Environmental, and Economic factors are equally important.
“Triple bottom line = Social, Environmental, and Economic factors”
When it comes to triple bottom line thinking, this little family owned company punches far above its weight; improving the social wellbeing of its community by supporting numerous community causes.  It works to reduce homeless, serves individuals and families living with disabilities, encourages communities to embrace healthy lifestyles, and helps children and youth in foster care.  It’s a company that promotes musicfilm, and the arts, and is even a champion for those without a voice through its support of animal rights.
“giving back to the community is deeply rooted in our core values”
Mandy Farmer, CEO Accent Inns
In a recent interview President and CEO of Accent Inns, Mandy Farmer was quoted as saying; “we are uber friendly here at Accent Inns, we welcome pets, are extremely bike friendly, and actually encourage guests to bring their bikes”.
In addition, to bike cleaning and repair stations (which they have at all of their locations) I also found out that Accent Inns are also one of the few hotel chains that allows guests to bring their bikes directly into their rooms.
“note to self, bring my bike next time ”
Whether you’re a family on a weekend getaway, or like me just on an overnight business trip, Accent Inns actually encourages you to explore your destination by bike. A great idea because not only will you be helping to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s also great way to explore a new community!
I should also mention that the staff was absolutely superb.  They were friendly and genuine; which is easy to see coming from a company that encourages staff participation in local community organizations.
If you’re anything like me and want to see your dollars going to work in your own community then Accent Inns should definitely be on your list of organizations to support.  There are five Accent Inns locations all committed to a level of service that makes the whole community feel like your family.