DATE: April, 20 – 21,  2015
LOCATION: Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey

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Urban Greening - What's That?
When I tell people that I do translations and editing in the area of urban greening, I often get blank looks. Some people nod politely and then go off shaking their heads a bit after I’ve given them a very brief explanation, others summarize, not too wrongly, as ‘so you mean it’s about planting a few trees around the city’.

"The roof of the Vancouver, B.C. Convention Centre is covered with over 2.5 hectares (6 acres) of native grassland. Usually closed to the public, we were able to get a tour and interview with the landscape architect of the project, Bruce Hemstock."  - Dave Budge

This is part 1 of the "Growing Cities" documentary series shot while traveling in the USA and Canada - June 2009. 2 person crew. Canon 5DmkII and Zoom H4n. Music is "Andvari" by Sigur Rós

Videographer - Dave Budge

Minnesota 2020

"Two years ago when planners designed the new St. Paul Fire Department headquarters, they were thinking with sustainability in mind. The new building is LEED certified for energy efficiency and has a designated roof space for a garden and native planting area. Green roof have proven to save on energy costs and filter pollution from rain water before it reaches nearby rivers."  
                                                                                                -Minnesota 2020