Have you ever wanted to support a community garden? It probably comes with some amazing bragging rights; perhaps its named after you? Maybe songs are written, and park benches sing your praise... well now's your chance. In the City of Etobicoke, Ontario it seems that the local Food Bank has decided week that it can no longer afford to run their large 2700sq community garden because they cannot pay for the water supply. 

Chris Canady is a biologist who studied birds among other things and has lived in Ecuador over 20 years. He now runs Omaere Botanical Garden with his Shuar wife Teresa. Both have a love for knowledge, plants, sustainability, and conservation. Chris was distracted during his interviews by a variety of rain forest birds that were around us in a beautiful forest his wife planted by hand. omaere.wordpress.com/english/

Even though this story happened some time ago, I believe it still inspires and shows how the whole community can work together to make a difference. The story really represents the philosophy behind Strathcona Business Improvement Association. It captures the creation of Zero Waste Challenge and Resource Park project and how the association uses commercial waste as a community resource. I hope you will enjoy it, and hopefully - get inspired.


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