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Good question.  Can One Person Make a Difference?  In what respect you say - well in becoming an environmentally conscious person and therefore, creating asustainable environment.  This statement began to stimulate my thought process and I asked myself what if I combined the words environmentally with conscious - what results could this potentially produce for me, one person, in making a difference in helping to heal our planet?

In digesting the word sustainability, I researched the definition that I found on Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia site on the Internet, which is as follows:
Sustainability, in a broad sense is the ability to maintain a certain process or state.  It is most frequently used in connection with biological and human systems.  …Sustainability has become a complex term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth…”

My own interpretation of Sustainability is “the ability to maintain a process with consistent action and thought”Ó.

I pondered my definition of Sustainability and chose to incorporate Wikipedia’s part of its definition of Sustainability being “a complex term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth…” in relation to the human consciousness experience.  I asked myself how could I, one person, make a difference in helping to heal the environment with my thoughts and ultimately, my actions?

My challenge is that I become stagnant and take little or no action when I am in overwhelm from ideas proposed to me such as environmental sustainabilityeco-friendlygo greenrenewable energyrecycling, and global warming, etc. when I do not fully comprehend these terms.  I think (with my thoughts) that these ideas are far too complex for me to understand and I do not have the capacity or capability to take any action that would make a difference in helping to heal our planet.  I then consciously choose (with my thoughts) to take no action at all.

However, now that I am aware of what limiting beliefs these thoughts are, I consciously choose to explore possibilities of what I, one person, could do to make a difference in helping to heal our planet.  By changing my thoughts and allowing myself to open up to ideas of actions I could take to make a difference in helping to heal our planet, I am now becoming environmentally conscious.  Some of the sustainability actions I am now taking to make a difference in helping to heal our planet are:  (a) recycling my garbage by putting my papers, glass and tins in separate containers; (b) using environmentally friendly laundry detergent; (c) packing my garbage out of the woods when I am hiking; (d) bringing my own coffee mug to work; and (e) using non-toxic bathroom products.  All of these actions have resulted from me making a conscious choice to change my thoughts about what I can do in helping to heal our planet.  None of these actions have been difficult for me to take.  I am sure you can think of your own actions you have chosen to take to make a difference in helping to heal our planet.

“Marrying” the words “environmental” with “conscious” makes me believe that our planet can be totally healed with sustainable thoughts and actions.  I believe that our environment can be become a toxic-free, clean-air, living space sustained by me and my other room-mates on this planet.  As I sustain my consciousness thoughts to those of love, peace and joy, I believe this permeates the energy waves that encompass our planet and stimulates the unification of healing our environment, changing chaotic, toxic behaviour into peaceful, nurturing and loving behaviour, exemplifying itself in the manifestation of a more peaceful, nurturing and loving planet.  I believe that as I have thoughts of peace, love and harmony in all my relationships, that this is the catalyst to perpetuate the momentum for a global healing to take place in our global environment.  I believe that one person, ME and/or YOU, by changing our conscious thoughts to those of peace, love and joy can make a difference to healing our planet, therefore, making us true masters of becoming environmentally conscious.