Blog Post: Why use Eco-friendly products?

Nigel’s Eco Store

Many people have a misconception of a sustainable lifestyle.  Often people conjure are stereotypical image of individuals that incorporate green living elements as being “hippies.” The goal of my blog post today is to demonstrate how sustainable living does not compromise the current lifestyle you have.
Nigel’s Eco Store is an online store that sells smart, innovative eco-friendly products.  You may ask, “What is eco-friendly?” As citizens of the globe, our actions directly affect our environment. Purchasing and using products that cannot be recycled or is harmful when consumed is the opposite of being eco-friendly. This term is to make use of our precious resources and to create the least amount of waste as possible. Essentially, an eco-friendly product is considered to having the lowest impact on our environment.
Browsing through Nigel’s online store it features products in an array of categories. From a solar kettle for camping, petal drop rain catcher for your garden to the Fat Cat Organic Cotton T-shirt. In short, these products have allowed living sustainable lifestyles a piece of cake. It is cool, practical and most importantly, these eco- friendly products can actually substitute products that are not!  For example, instead of plugging your iPhone charger to the wall, why not try a solar iPhone charger?
Currently, Nigel’s products only deliver orders throughout the UK and EU countries, as their office is located in Hove, Sussex. Hopefully, someday Nigel’s store will branch out to Canada or better yet have our own version based on these premises.
You may ask why are you writing this if I can’t be making these purchases? Well, as a Vancouverite this is what I am hoping to see in the near future. A store, that is the central hub for not just eco-friendly products, but products that actually WOW you.
If you don’t believe me, have a look at their website below! My personal favorite is the ROK Espresso Coffee Maker, which is “an award winning, zero-electricity [coffee maker] ” that makes a perfect espresso.
So as Valentine’s Day approaches, why not purchase an eco-friendly gift?
For more information on Nigel’s Eco Store please go to:
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*All information regarding Nigel’s eco-store is found on their own website. (Link is provided above)