Blog Post: Following the Flow

I have just returned from a road trip where I have begun to become educated in the subject of Water in North America, particularly the West Coast beginning in BC, Washington, Oregan, California, Arizona and Nevada.  I realized how connected we all are in this conversation that begins with the basic needs of the plants, the animals, and the then us the people.  The way we have allowed water to be used and distributed has challenged many communities to experience very large water bills just for the basics.  So there seems to be growing interest in making some better choices about how we use and access water for both our basic needs and then the interests of the business community.

We depend on water to keep our bodies healthy and restored daily, to help grow our food and feed our animals/pets.   Then I began to realize how water is involved in the creation of everything we use in our lives from our homes to our cars to our clothing, furniture and all the other.  There is an iphone app that educates us on how much water is used to grow the foods we eat as well as the products we purchase:

I also discovered in many cultures the Women have been and still are the caretakers of the water and it is one of the basic human needs that needs to be respected and blessed.  So I ask all the women of the world to bless all the water you use for nourishing, cleansing yourself and your families, as well as all the rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, oceans and seas so we expand our appreciation for WATER one of the greatest gifts of life.  Lets write poetry, songs and dance to Celebrate all the ways water adds to the quality of our lives.