The Best is Yet to Come!

the use of nanotechnology in medicine

By Nathan Holwell



Generation of energy and power is a continuing issue in our modern world. Nature Nanotechnology recently published a journal article discussing the potential of a virus which can inadvertently power our electronic devices. While many people consider viruses something that makes us ill, this particular virus generates energy when stressed via vibrations or pressure, called piezoelectricity.


By Chris Mattock 
CMHC -National EQuilibrium Sustainable Housing Demonstrative Initiative winner

South elevation of the Harmony House Net Zero Energy Project under construction inBurnaby, British Columbia.

celand Tapping into Earth’s Heat
By Jenny Peng
Photo: Steve Peng & Clark Peng

REGINA, SK — The assembly plant met the farmyard at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK from June 21 to 23.

Unless you have been living in a windowless cubicle for the past weeks, you would have realized that Vancouver has been quite sunny as of late. Go ahead, Google "Vancouver Weather", and you shall see that Vancouver will retain its sunny disposition easily into next Friday. This is great news for people living with solar panels.

We often think of garbage and waste as synonyms, but why does this have to be? “Waste” is often thought of as something that is useless, but perhaps we should be seeing garbage more as a resource? There are a number of good arguments to be made for thinking in this manner.  In addition to the obvious environmental concerns and costs associated with disposal of any kind of waste, but there's also a massive lost economic opportunity if we don't.  Let's look at a few examples of Bio Waste streams and how they are being used all over the world.

The Magic Cloth
You may already know a bit about magic cloths from infomercials, but wait! There’s more! Really though! These cloths are actually pretty amazing and have the potential to help our beloved planet Earth.
What is it?

Earth has been producing algae for centuries, and yet it is only in the past few years that we are beginning to realize how ingenious this plant really is. From reducing global warming to being an alternative biofuel source, it seems that Mother Nature designed this organism to help us in the long run. The green community is now abuzz with years of planning behind producing an algae biofuel finally getting underway.


Changing the Future with Nanotechnology

By Susan Patchett

University of Waterloo NanoRobotics Group