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REGINA, SK — The assembly plant met the farmyard at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK from June 21 to 23.

Do you ever find yourself, as I do, feeling cynical about marketing claims made by businesses about their "green" products, services, or operations?  Identifying “green washing”, as it’s termed, can be a significant challenge for the public when making decisions about which businesses to support.  It can often take a great deal of time and research to determine which businesses are making genuine claims.  Such businesses, once vetted, get my full support because I am confident that they operate with integrity.
Benefit Corporations

SERIES .01  Manifesting Quality Of Life: A bigger picture

Montana - Meet Sunny Baba at his home Earth Heart Sanctuary during an old-time barn raising as he and his friends build a hand-hewn log workshop. Explore what quality of life means. The possibility of humans manifesting a more beautiful world thru deepening our vision of what William Wallace meant by the now- famous line from the movie Brave Heart, "every man dies, but not every men really lives."

Sustainability Television produced this video for CURI (Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing).

In and Out In 48 Hours Flat

Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA- Disposal King Ltd has launched their 48 Hour Express Trailer Disposal Service. Launched January 3, 2012 Disposal King Ltd introduces its newest member to the disposal team.

Sustainability Television Founder & CEO, Jason Robinson speaks about the vision for the company.  (2mins - 2008)

What are your thoughts on this?  Do YOU think these ideas are feasible? a natural evolution of scientific synergy?  totally unrealistic?  or a quest into a new realm of possibilities?

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