Sustainability Television is proud to present this 20 part episodic series highlighting the construction of the Harmony House.

Located in Burnaby, BC, Canada; the Harmony House is a winning entry in the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation EQuilibrium™ Housing Initiative.  This net-zero home will produce as much energy as it uses on an annual basis - from renewable sources.

Any socially transformative movement gets to a point where it needs to be fully embraced by the people it impacts. The green power movement within Canada is at just such a point. Previously, the development of new renewable energy projects was out of reach to all but the most committed hobbyist or has been on a scale requiring government-level planning. But there are growing ways for individuals to have a voice in shaping the energy market in Canada within their own communities.

The options:

Eco Property: “Doing Well by Building Green” provides an insider’s look into home energy renovations with a mission to get our clients a return on their investment.

We would like to issue an open challenge to North America, which the masses will accept. We have an exciting show where we take a house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.

The Victoria General Hospital made excellent use of their solar hot water system this summer. According to the SunReports renewable energy monitor that was installed on the system, the performance for July 3 shows a production of 583.79 Kilowatt hours (kWhs). This translates into an energy savings big enough to power 23 homes for a day, or a small subdivision, with the average 3 bedroom home using 25 KWhs. This was the average daily savings for the hospital in July!

"Arbutus Bluff is now closer to the sun" states the Gabriola Island B&B's website, and it couldn't be more true with a solar hot water system reaping the rewards of summer sunshine. The system was installed three years ago to help decrease owner Bill and Liz's hydro bills.

Four brand new solar photovoltaic systems, also known as solar electric, are soaking up the spring sunshine and lowering energy costs for the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) on Vancouver Island, BC. The installations are part of a rural areas implementation plan for the Comox Valley sustainability strategy, and were fully paid for by the UBCM’s Gas Tax Agreement, which, through the Community Works Fund, provides local governments and other eligible recipients with financial support for a variety of capital and planning projects.

The journey to carbon zero has been a productive one for Sandy McPherson and Alan Philip. The couple began investing in a more sustainable home after moving from the Saanich Peninsula to Duncan, BC, a few years ago. As they settled in, they began looking at a variety of renewable energy options before deciding on solar photovoltaic, also known as solar PV, which converts sunlight into electricity to offset electrical consumption.

Das Haus

Das Haus is a traveling pavilion, a North American tour and an ONGOING INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE about advanced technologies for home construction and solar energy use. The purpose – to share German innovations that have achieved sustainable construction and operational energy savings. Attendees will represent leading organizations and businesses in building materials, architecture, engineering, renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses, universities, and public officials.