Blog Post: The World is Coming to a Start!

How exciting to see so many thousands of grassroots movements for sustainability and peace in the world!  We're proud to be one of them, and to join with others on Sustainability Television to offer our message.  As Gandhi said, if we want real peace, we have to start with the children. 

In 1985 we began helping children discover their responsibility as earth stewards, starting at age 3.  More, they learned to be independent learners and creative thinkers.  They were encouraged to discover their unique gifts, recognizing every child is gifted, finding out how they were smart, not how smart they were.  They identified the virtues and learned to centre thought and contribute to respect for all and peace in their environment.  The elementary children learned to be active in their community, from cleaning up garbage to demonstrating against development of Burns Bog or war in Iraq.  They gardened organically, made and sold organic fertilizer, and each week cooked a healthy meal for the school. 

With their earnings, they learned healthy financial attitudes towards spending, investing and giving and partially funded a major trip each year, triannually to Ottawa/Quebec.  Our alumni now include many college graduates who are intent on creating their own grassroots movement for change.  Our world is coming to a start - and we're proud to be contributing!

Kristin Cassie, founder, Roots and Wings Montessori School