The MIT Sustainability Summit is a student-led event that takes place every year during Earth Week on the MIT campus, drawing more than 350 attendees ranging from professionals to academics and students. The summit has emerged as a premier issue-driven event, featuring discussions with thought leaders and expert practitioners. The 2017 Sustainability Summit will focus on Funding the Future.

I have been living in Crans-Montana, Switzerland for the past three and a half years while attending university.  While eating my fair share of raclette (cheese covered potatoes), fondue (melted cheese), and frankly more cheese, I have pondered how the Swiss manage to be so sustainable.  While in many ways Switzerland is known for its sustainability and its environmental regulations such as trash bag tax (Swiss Info); that is not so apparent in Valais. 

Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship 2016

LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado, United States of America 
DATE: May 15 - 18, 2016
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Interview with Elaine Cohen – sustainability strategy and reporting expert, founder and CEO of Beyond Business

By Dana Fatol

August 16, 2015

Employee: I would prefer a higher income that allows me to contribute to solving social and environmental issues within my community, rather than having my employer making those kinds of decisions for me.

If you're in HR, you may at some time in the near future be tasked with integrating corporate social responsibility ("CSR") initiatives. How would you respond to the employee in the statement above? Will you try to convince him or her of the benefits of CSR? or would you prefer to skip the subject altogether?

I was asked to go to Boston and visit an engineer who created a heating system for his house that's 60% more efficient than the old system. I'm proud to see his hard work come to life. Great stuff.

The argument for a transformation in food and drink logistics is becoming more and more compelling.

The IAFOR North American Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (NACSEE 2014) 

DATE: September, 11th - 14th, 2014 
LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America 

Cihac Expo

DATE: October, 14th - 18th,  2014)
LOCATION: Centro Banamex Exhibition Centre, Mexico City, Mexico

"This year marks the twenty-sixth anniversary of EXPO CIHAC with the participation of our more than 500 exhibitors showcasing their best products, technologies and innovations in construction.
In awarding the ECO-CIHAC award for "Sustainable Innovation" again recognize their effort, entrepreneurship, creativity, imagination, productive investment generating economic activity and employment."


By Chad Park