An interview with Global Chorus Editor Todd MacLean

By Jason Robinson


OCTOBER 30, 2014 

Today marks the launch date of the much anticipated Global Chorus Anthology.  A mere idea some four plus years ago, today it's a reality.  Jason Robinson (a contributor to the book) interviews Todd MacLean, Global Chorus Editor-in-Chief about his inspiration to create the book and the process that has led to the Global Chorus documentary by Sustainability Television.  

See every day as a sacred experience.
We and the Earth are one - there is no separation.
The Earth and everything on it is a manifestation of divine will and there is a lesson, an opportunity, in every moment of every day.
Pay attention to the randomness of life, recognize and act on the gifts the Earth provides.
Every interaction, every person you meet, every bird who chirps, every single thing positive or negative is a divine moment that will by your choice and attention be forever changed, altered, shaped, and defined.



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