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Video Series: What did you do?

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This series takes us on a voyage of self-exploration. It asks some of the hard questions of ourselves, while at the same time giving us some tangible tips on how to live a life of purpose...

EPISODE 1 Sustainability TV Founder & CEO Jason Robinson, and John MacDonald Co-Founder of MacDonald Dettweiler & Associates (MDA) discuss life lessons and finding your path to success in both business and in life.

In this video: John shares how a passion for technology shaped his entire life; a journey from a young boy to becoming a Professor at MIT, UBC, and then co-founding a number of globally operating businesses including MDA (Aerospace Industry), and Day-4 Energy (a solar panel manufacturer).

Looking forward, John (now the Chancellor for UNBC, and retired for the second time) shares his vision for the future of renewable energy systems and their importance for the future of the planet.

Jason shares his thoughts on the 17 key steps for success as an entrepreneur, and in life in general:

Lesson 1: Seize the opportunity
Lesson 2: Listen to advice
Lesson 3: Listen to your inner voice… what is it telling you?
Lesson 4: Pay attention to what the universe is telling you
Lesson 5: Surround yourself with other bright minds
Lesson 6: Don’t do anything halfway. Jump in with both feet
Lesson 7: Think ahead, and be an early adopter
Lesson 8: Use your imagination
Lesson 9: Take leaps of faith        
Lesson 10: Be an innovator
Lesson 11: If you know it’s possible, don’t pay too much attention to your detractors
Lesson 12: Create win-win situations, and multiple business scenarios
Lesson 13: Shoot for nothing less than order of magnitude changes
Lesson 14: Leverage your assets
Lesson 15: Never forget you are running a business
Lesson 16: Strive to exceed everyone’s expectations, including your own
Lesson 17: Do something you’ll love and the money will follow