Being a full time student my life is quite hectic. I often have a day chock full of meetings, classes, and work/volunteer duties. As such, most of my meals get eaten very quickly or even on the go. In my haste to finish I almost always spill on myself. Dabbing myself with water never seemed to work, especially if it was a coffee spill on a white shirt. I had tried using some of the common on-the-go stain removers on the market (such as Tide To Go), but always wondered what was in them that allowed them to effectively remove a fresh food stain.

Eco Property: “Doing Well by Building Green” provides an insider’s look into home energy renovations with a mission to get our clients a return on their investment.

We would like to issue an open challenge to North America, which the masses will accept. We have an exciting show where we take a house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.