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'Future of Hope'

This documentary film tells the story of a few Icelandic people, not afraid to stand out from the crowd, who are taking a different path towards a more sustainable future.

Academics, politicians, farmers, scientists and visionaries all demonstrate how the isolated country of Iceland could - with a little help from their friends - become not only a testing ground for new technologies but also a completely sustainable ecosystem.

Punctuated with beautiful photography and a rousing soundtrack from Ampop frontman, Biggi Hilmars and featuring Damien Rice, 'Future of Hope' is an inspiration for a changing world.

"Iceland has the ability to inspire the world and this documentary is a peek into that potential"
Damien Rice

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This looks interesting.  Certainly an important subject, relevant to all people and countries!

commented by paulkilpatrick on 2012-06-21 21:38:07