I was asked to go to Boston and visit an engineer who created a heating system for his house that's 60% more efficient than the old system. I'm proud to see his hard work come to life. Great stuff.

Being a civil engineering student I am always fascinated by new technologies, firstly for their ingenuity, and secondly for their lack of the same.  In several quoted articles and images below I highlight how engineers thousands of years ago developed systems that were arguably much more sustainable as compared to many of our supposedly advanced unsustainable modern engineering systems that rely heavily on energy inputs.
Engineers thousands of years ago knew (as we should today) that systems with less moving parts, less energy - time - or value inputs, working in a symbiotic way with the environment will yield long term truly sustainable building energy management systems.

The example I will focus on in this blog is: Qanat [Kareez] systems(underground hand-dug tunnels for extracting groundwater in the dry and semi-arid regions of Iran and the works of many engineers and scholars who have come before me).

More and more people are affected by allergies, food intolerances and other dietary restrictions. This makes it challenging to satisfy everyone happy at your events and conferences.

Industry experts suggest to keep the following points in mind when ordering food for your events and conferences:

Today, for the first time, I made a liquid laundry detergent.  We've been using a powdered laundry cleaner but thought I would give the liquid version a try.

My name is Zee Kesler and I am building a tiny house! And you can too!
I am in the beginning stages of planning a tiny house building workshop this summer as a 2 part community art project/workshop. The house will be made from entirely salvaged materials with the help of a team(that's you)!  
Upon competition, the house will be used as a "Maker Residency" ie: a sort of all encompassing creative community space offering free workshops to the public in all things DIY.

Eco Property: “Doing Well by Building Green” provides an insider’s look into home energy renovations with a mission to get our clients a return on their investment.

We would like to issue an open challenge to North America, which the masses will accept. We have an exciting show where we take a house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.