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Innovation in Industry™ takes us from the board room to heavy industry locations all over the world. Each episode will feature our partners "triple bottom line" leadership in their industry and and exciting stories of success in honouring people, the planet, and profits.

EPISODE 1 - In this episode Jason Robinson and other industry leaders clarify the argument for Sustainability and help the define how triple bottom line thinking has become the new definition for growth.  Jason visits the 2nd annual Sustainable Mining Conference in Toronto Ontario, and the Sustainability Summit at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Applied Science at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering.

Interviews include:

Julie Gelfand, Iron Ore Company of Canada
Jocelyn Fraser, Thompson Creek Metals
Claude Perras, London Mining
Minna Aila, Outotec
John Hasyn, Dundee Precious Metals
Jonathan Molyneux, ERM
Jeff Wilson, Tetra Tech

EPISODE 2 - Stay tuned...