At the Board of Change we're becoming known for our great parties, and our summer social is no exception! Join us on July 22nd on the Garden Terrace at the Westin Grand, for great food, drinks, music and fun. This is a great opportunity to connect with other Board of Change members, local change makers, innovators and social entrepreneurs involved in building a more sustainable community in Vancouver.

We all know LUSH, but did you know they built their business on activism, charitable giving, ethical buying and sustainability. Join us for the first of our Sustainable Business Tours, with a visit to the LUSH offices.

About the Evening

What is the role and responsibility of media to report accurately the context of the world in a media-skewed and media-opinionated society dominated by few media owners? Why does television news continue to rely on the format of news, sports and weather as their primary pillars when the world has changed? Where do stories of sustainability fit in the equation?

Panelists include: Andree Lau, The Huntington Post; Geoff Dembicki, The Tyee; Jim Jennings, The Globe and Mail; Linda Solomon Wood, Vancouver Observer. Moderated by Robb Lucy