News: Insects Could Be Our Best Alternative - But What Are the Laws?

Edible Insects - The current state of legislation

There are constant struggles across the world for fresh water, farmable land and enough food to feed an ever-growing population. These are facts.

And as humans we are always looking for alternatives to solve these kinds of challenges. One such solution is the farming of insects and their inclusion in our food supply, or that of the animals we grow for food. 

The current problem is that legislation across the world has not kept up. The EU is allowing the sale of insects in some countries, while others are awaiting a forthcoming change in the law. That very law is being expected to pass in the EU this summer. And one of the non-EU countries, Switzerland, is discussing their law, which is expected to also pass this year.

While in the USA, the only mention of insects by the FDA is the small quantities that are allowed in foods. This does not address their use as an ingredient in food at all.

So these unknowns leave entrepreneurs in both the insect food and feed industries in a very precarious situation.

Do you invest everything in an industry that is not yet fully supported? What would you do?

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