Blog Post: See every day as a sacred experience

See every day as a sacred experience.
We and the Earth are one - there is no separation.
The Earth and everything on it is a manifestation of divine will and there is a lesson, an opportunity, in every moment of every day.
Pay attention to the randomness of life, recognize and act on the gifts the Earth provides.
Every interaction, every person you meet, every bird who chirps, every single thing positive or negative is a divine moment that will by your choice and attention be forever changed, altered, shaped, and defined.
We are part of the evolutionary process.
Recognize the roll you play.
See every moment of your life as an opportunity to serve others, to relieve their suffering, to meet their needs, and by extension have your needs met as well.
Make the future in your mind
Imagine the world as you want to see it, and make it happen.
Recognize that you are co-creating the future with every thought, word, deed and choice you make.
Your actions make the difference – and to create change you must act.
Choose wisely
With every choice you decide what the future will be.
Choose wisely… because it has repercussions.
Thoughts become things 
Seek love above all else.
There is no benefit to paying attention to fear. 
The act of fear creates the thing you don't want.
The act of believing creates the things you do want.
If thoughts become things, then it’s easy to see how together we are co-creating the world with every decision we make.
Heaven isn't some far off dream - its right here, right now.  To save the world all we need to do is to start with loving, and caring for the world and each other a lot more.
In essence, see every day as a sacred experience and your life as a divine journey.






November 17, 2013

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