Blog Post: Airplane earth

I was at an event talking to a couple of Australians a couple of years ago, and I came up with this analogy about the future of the planet that I'd like to share with you...  Please tell me what you would do?

Imagine we're on a plane, headed to an island paradise in the South Pacific....
We're flying around 50,000 ft. and suddenly the pilot has a heart attack and dies.
He has slumped over the controls; they are broken... and we have about an hour of fuel left.

What would you do?

[No really - think about it, what would you do? Please take a few seconds before reading on]

One of my Auzzie friends answers first saying "Well mate, I'm gonna go hit the drink cart and have some fun!!!"

I said "Yeah, I can see that being one answer.

The other said, I think I'd try to radio the tower and see if we could get some help.

Sure, that's another idea, good thoughts for sure" I said, but how about this for another option? 

"I'm gonna go and try and move the pilot , (and pointing to a bystander, asked) do you want to give me a hand? 
ok great, next I'm gonna crawl down here on the floor try and fix these wires on the broken stick for flying the plane.  
If you (another bystander) want to get in the seat, and you (another) want to help with the radio
- lets see if we can't land this thing !!!"

Might be a better plan yes?...  and guess what - if we do land it,  that same drink cart is still gonna be there at the back of the plane...   and that beer is gonna taste a lot better if we survive, than the other option...

Sure, fixing the plane and landing it isn't easy, but there are no parachutes on this plane.  We all have to fight the apathy that surrounds us, and the seductive thoughts of those who say we can't do it.  I know if we all put our minds and our collective energy to it we WILL land the plane.

Who's gonna help me land this land this thing?